Kare's Buddy

Sex:   Bitch
Date of birth:   11/06/1998

Health test results

Hip score: No score recorded
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Carrier
CEA/CH: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DE: Unknown (No result recorded)
DM: Unknown (No result recorded)
Registered progeny: 1

Can Ch Harbourlights Watsons Trigger

Harbourlights Big Splash

Boo-Evil Of Harbourlights

Harbourlights Foxy Tawny

Harbourlight's Tricky Nicky

Hilan Lad Of Harbourlights

Harbourlights Misty Blue

Can Ch Kare's Ocean Spray

Can Ch Sproul's Kare Bear

Can Ch Sproul's San Ton

Can Ch Sproul's Misty Foe

Can Ch Kares Mistress Of Littleriver

Briggs Of Jeffery-Coldwell

Cinnstar's Littleriver Piper