Can Ch Tollwest's Playin' With Fire

Sex: Dog
Date of birth:   20/11/2002
prcd-PRA: Carrier
CEA/CH: Clear (Hereditary)
DE: Unknown (Untested)
DM: Unknown (Untested)

Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner

Can Ch Sehi's Little Breton

Can Ch Sproul's Happy Higgins

Harbourlights Highlan Belle

Can Ch Tollbreton Cape Island Dory

Can Ch Sir Walter Riely Of Ardunacres

Tollbreton Piper

Pikkinokka Chilichili Bangbang

Can Ch Pikkinokka's Tyler At The Well

Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well

Chin-Peek Mabell

Can Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Tempest

Can Ch Kylador's Designated Driver

Woodstream's Sea Breeze

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