Erikachen Feidhelm At Tollerice Nov Ex RL3-Ex

Erikachen Feidhelm At Tollerice

Pet name:  Voros
Sex:   Dog
Date of birth:   14/05/2009

Health test results

Hip score: RH8/LH5=13
Elbow score: 0
prcd-PRA: Clear (Hereditary)
CEA/CH: Clear (Hereditary)
DE: Clear (OFA)
DM: Carrier (Laboklin)
JADD: Probable Carrier (Inferred by progeny)
Colour genetics: dd
KC/BVA eye test: GPRA Unaffected 05/04/2014
Heart tested: Normal (Cardiologist)
Registered progeny: 7

Owner: Mrs S & Mr P Rice

Breeder: Mrs H Gibson

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