Seawild Lad Of Fallowfen

Sex:   Dog
Date of birth:   07/07/2013

Health test results

Hip score: RH4/LH5=9
Elbow score: 0
prcd-PRA: Clear (Other)
CEA/CH: Clear (OptiGen)
DE: Clear (OFA)
DM: Clear (Laboklin)
KC/BVA eye test: GPRA Unaffected 15/03/2017
Registered progeny: 140

Owner: Mr P L & Mrs A J Hutchison

Breeder: Miss L Thompson

Can Ch Tollchester Seawild Cherrybomb (Imp Can)

Can Ch Tollwest's Playin' With Fire

Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner

Pikkinokka Chilichili Bangbang

Can Ch Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi

Multi Ch Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure

Can Ch Tollwest Soda Quacker

Foxdown Marecleve

Reedrunner Firewater

Multi Ch Lauvstuas Is Caac To Copper & Brass

Foxdown Alfina Of Reedrunner

Foxdown Something Else

Kare's Foxdown Bob (Imp)

Foxdown Anya