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Alliance De La Vie Danish Amber

Multi Ch Red-Tollers Van See Teufelwalds Ilk Benili's Elgon Roy SE UCH Riverduck Of Drogsta Harbourlights Scotia Boy
Harbourlights Foxy Amber
Drogstas Pomperipossa Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Birdcherrys Nova
Fo Bi Tollers Patricia Flyingtollers Buster Jalna's Gentle Giant
Jalna's Quips N Quotes
Ardunacres Sandy Wonderful Can Ch Ardunacres Country Quince
Castlekeep's Sunset Firedance
Red-Tollers Holly Quila Red-Tollers Cedras NUCH/DKCH Flyingtollers Boomer Jalna's Gentle Giant
Jalna's Quips N Quotes
NUCH Red-Tollers Aubry Larl-Be Finis Renard
NUCH Flyingtollers Contessa Anne
NUCH Flyingtollers Quarter Lily Vittmossasens Buster Jalna's Gentle Giant
NUCH Jalna's Onolee Over The Ocean Can Ch Jalna's Red Emperor
Sproul's Jennifer Jalna
Alliance De La Vie Bracken's Disney Multi Ch Decoymans Piper Bracken Decoymans Piper V D Echtinger Grift (Imp) Bright Flower's Champ Can Ch Ardunacres Fa-antastic
DKCH Tueholt Red Bright Flower
Ger/Can Ch Ardunacres Winnie Of The West Can Ch Sir Walter Riely Of Ardunacres
Can Ch Ardunacres Cheekeye
Winfren Vulpecula Meg Of Decoymans Lyonhouse Alexander Stuart Harbourlights Regent Rusty
Harbourlights Nova Nipper
Collier's Kishkadina Star (Imp) Can Ch Kishkahdinas Winegarden Ty
Colliers' Magnum Load Dory
Rubracanis Of Great Pleasure Multi Ch Colliers' Ontario's Good Luck Foxdown's Sable Lucky Can Ch Conqueror Of Jeffery Coldwell
Can Ch Little River Kali
Can Ch Cabottrails Belle Of The Isle Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel
Can Ch Westerlea Cabot MacKenzie
Lux/Nl Ch Lyonhouse Arbella Stuart Harbourlights Regent Rusty Boo-Evil Of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Scotia Belle
Harbourlights Nova Nipper Can Ch Alexander MacTavish
Harbourlight's Golden Tammie

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