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Decoymans Heartbreaker

Decoymans Swedish Design Westerlea's Rodrav Of Drogsta Can Ch Glenmaurs Casey Of Elias Can/Am Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide Harbourlights Ala Gatter
Wabanaki's Village Vixen
Can Ch Westerlea's Sprig Of Holly Can Ch Sandycove's Gold Horizon
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose
Can Ch Tunaka's Vananne's Ayla Can Ch Jalna's Our Only One Can Ch Jalna's Red Emperor
Sproul's Jennifer Jalna
Can Ch Westerlea's Autumn Lace Can Ch Westerlea's White Ensign
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose
Simonstorps Bell Of The Ball SE UCH Riverduck Of Drogsta Harbourlights Scotia Boy Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim
Harbour Lights Foxy Nisku
Harbourlights Foxy Amber Harbourlights Mighty Mike
Harbourlights Foxy Tawny
Rosewood Dancing Shoes Can Ch Liscot's Number One Son Can Ch Danny Boy Of Harbour Lights
Can Ch Sproul's Argyle Angel
Can Ch Rosewood Allie McGuire Can/Bda Ch OTCH Sproul's Angus MacBeth
Can Ch Jalna's Eager Boots
Decoymans Piper Mellinda Decoymans Piper V D Echtinger Grift (Imp) Bright Flower's Champ Can Ch Ardunacres Fa-antastic Can Ch Larl-Be Charles Winston 2nd
Rosewood Arctic Flame Of Ardun
DKCH Tueholt Red Bright Flower DKCH/Nl Ch Tueholt Red What A Surprice
DKCH Westerlea's Red Shona
Ger/Can Ch Ardunacres Winnie Of The West Can Ch Sir Walter Riely Of Ardunacres Can Ch Larl-Be Charles Winston 2nd
Ardunacres Kayla
Can Ch Ardunacres Cheekeye Can Ch Jalna's Quest For Glory
Ardunacres Gingembre
Winfren Vulpecula Meg Of Decoymans Lyonhouse Alexander Stuart Harbourlights Regent Rusty Boo-Evil Of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Scotia Belle
Harbourlights Nova Nipper Can Ch Alexander MacTavish
Harbourlight's Golden Tammie
Collier's Kishkadina Star (Imp) Can Ch Kishkahdinas Winegarden Ty Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel
Can Ch Liscot's Kishkadina Joy
Colliers' Magnum Load Dory Foxdown's Sable Lucky
Can Ch Westerlea Cabot MacKenzie

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