Crufts Qualified


This is a list of those dogs who have qualified for Crufts at UK Championship Shows in NSDTR classes during the qualifying period.

For lifetime qualifiers, see Stud Book Numbers and Overseas Champion Titles.

Also see Gundog Qualifiers for those dogs with a lifetime qualification for the Special Working Gundog classes.

Dogs may also qualify at some Overseas shows and at some Premier Open Shows.

Until the end of 2012, qualifying places could also be gained in AVNSC classes.

Dogs qualified 71
Bitches qualified 89
Total dogs qualified 161

Acanuck Soul Rebel Of Croftwell
Multi Ch Alba Nuadh Abby Na Mayla
Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Best Kept Secret
Sh Ch Alliance De La Vie Rabbit Racer Of Katimba (Imp Nld)
Alliance De La Vie Red Thistle In Icestorm (Imp Nld)
Multi Ch Alliance De La Vie Thunderclap
Amwellburys Lion Heart
Arbetsviljans Granit Of Ambertollers (Imp Swe)
Asterlily Amaze
Asterlily Heka
Be First Cardhu Garonera For Danehaven (Imp Cze)
Born To Run For Valsannra
Bruichladdich Garonera (Imp Cze)
Camusmor Ailsa Bay
Camusmor Chili Pepper At Culmgillie
Camusmor Crown Royal
Camusmor King Rob
Camusmor Lika Star
Camusmor Stargazer JW
Catch First Svea Garonera (Imp Cze)
Catch First Ylva Garonera (Imp Cze)
Multi Ch Chrilikas Casablanca Wildb Nila
Multi Ch Chrilikas D'Halloween Scarecrow
Chrilikas Duke Of Danehaven (Imp Nor)
Corlitgold Malila Of Croftwell RL2-Ex
Corlitgold Tahlia Of Croftwell RL2-Ex
Sh Ch Danehaven Detroit
Danehaven Detroyes
Danehaven Fenelon
Danehaven Kovik
Danehaven Mill
Danehaven Red Rock
Danehaven Roscoe
Danehaven Severn
Danehaven Vermilion For Afonbach
Decoymans Piper Cinder At Tollisty RL2
Decoymans Piper Dreamtime In Icestorm RL2
Decoymans Piper Megrez
Decoymans Piper Tinsle At Tollelkin AW(B)
Multi Ch Desire Of Red Glory
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Dreamyriver Found My Prince
Dreamyriver Once Upon A Time
Sh Ch Erikachen Aoife Dearg
Erikachen Aonghus
Erikachen Caoimhin For Aftonmarsh
Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM
Erikachen Conlaoch Dearg
Erikachen Daithi Of Wrightpaw JW ShCM
Erikachen O'Ruadh For Deltandamba JW ShCM
Erikachen Orlaith Dearg
Erikachen Saoirse Dearg
Multi Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye JW
Eusanit Best Of The Bunch At Cretshengan
Eusanit Catch Me If You Can
Eusanit Chase The Dream
Eusanit Chineese Whispers At Schindow
Eusanit Cut And Run At Abacot
Eusanit High Flyer At Chillbrav
Eusanit Love Is All Around Me
Eusanit Naughty But Nice For Croftwell JW
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Stand And Deliver At Cretshengan
Fieldranger's Fizzy Pop
Fieldranger's Friar Jack
Fieldranger's Goblin King
Fitznister Against All Odds
Fitznister Alba Naecairn
Fitznister Amber Eclipse
Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta (Imp Swe)
Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat At Melanitta (Imp Swe)
Foxdown Bertie Allsorts ShCM
Gaberlunzie Moira
Gingafing Let's Go Crazy
Glendermacki Fox Cragg At Brizewood
Heyoka's Red Flame For Edison Hope
Hwyaden Apollo
Hwyaden Calypso
Javahill Redhot Showoff2 Del Vecchio Mulino
JavaHill's Rider In The Sky
Katmistsky's Soul Dream RL6-Ex
Kymin Medart
Kymin Neptune
Kymin Orange Blossom Of Rhee
Kymin Over The Rainbow
Kymin Up Hill
Kymin Upshi Kreek
Ir Sh Ch Littleriver's O'Canada To Eusanit (Imp Can)
Lorevy Shugar For Stellenbosch (Imp Rus)
Lottie Acadia Byrne
Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale JW RL3 (Imp Nld)
Melanitta Ambrose RL4
Melanitta Carelinus
Melanitta Fireblade
Melanitta Galatina
Melanitta Healstether
Melanitta Milk And Honey RL2
Melanitta Morning Glory
Patokas Panuke
Playing The Fielder At Cretshengan
Redaurora Comet's Christmas Of Deltandamba
Redaurora Festive Dasher
Redaurora Follow That Dream
Redaurora Golden Dream Beg Ex RL3
Redaurora Golden Fox Fires
Multi Ch Riverwatcher Atka
Riverwatcher Ikkuma
Riverwatcher Kaviksuk
Riverwatcher Nukilik
Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW
Riverwatcher Tanaiyaak
Rus N' Riv TS Ain't Nothing 'Bout Y
Schindow Batchelor Boy
Schindow Faithful One
Schindow Junior Cowboy With Cretshengan
Schindow Living Doll
Seahaven Bewitched By Cedarlake
Seahaven Parish Bell
Seahaven Red Andromeda
Seahaven's Gloriana
Somerzest Funtastic Flyer
Stacearella Nimbus
Stellenbosch Alameda (AI)
Stellenbosch Sausaulito (AI)
Stellenbosch Tiberon (AI)
Summer Dance Of Tollerosso
Summer Romance
Multi Ch Suncatcher's Hop Into My Heart
Think Wonderful Thoughts
Tiamaria Harvest Gold
Tivalake Beautiful Girl
Tivalake Cover Girl RL1
Tivalake How Can I Be Sure
Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock ShCM RL2
Tivalake Make 'Em Laugh JW
Tivalake More Than Wishes
Tivalake My Lucky Star
Tivalake Rock Me Baby
Tivalake Temptation
Tollelkin Bay Of Ice
Tollelkin Red Lake
Tollelkin Water Dancer
Tollerholme Jack In A Box
Tollerholme Joviality
Tollerice Bertuzzi Beg Ex
Tollerice Brigley
Tollerice Caldwell
Tollerice Daneyko
Tollyhimmel Drunkun Duck
Tollyhimmel Misty Cider
Sh Ch Trevargh The Entertainer At Brizewood
Wakaduze Skoo
Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska
Wakaduze Wakaska
Wakaduze Wakpa
Wakaduze Watawicasta
Wakaduze Wi Mimbe At Raynechaser
Wakaduze Wiyaka
Wakaduze Zigi
Weyfrome Walnut Whip
Ir Sh Ch Wildfowler's Sixth Sence At Dreamyriver (Imp Nld)