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Foxdown Chiquitita Of Melanitta

Sunday 29th June 2014 Windsor (CC) - Mrs Michaela Edridge (Tilita)

1st Veteran Dog Or Bitch

This 8 year old bitch presented a pleasing picture with her level topline, well shaped head, strong front and rear movement and attractive coat.

VHC Open Bitch

Saturday 26th April 2014 WELKS - Mrs Rachel Bradley (Ruddyduck)

2nd Open Bitch

Veteran Bitch. Very well made with good angulation and balance but not moving as well today.

Wednesday 16th October 2013 Gundog Society of Wales - Mr Malcolm Smith (Dallyvista)

2nd Open Bitch

Medium size, nice wedge shape to head & backskull, neck strong & medium length into firm backline. Well developed hindquarters & stifles well bent, moved out with good action.

Saturday 3rd August 2013 Paignton - Mrs Sarah Sevastopulo (Oldholbans)

Res Open Bitch

Thursday 27th June 2013 Windsor (CC) - Mrs Brenda Smith (Dallyvista)

Res Open Bitch

Sunday 24th March 2013 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mrs Meriel Hathaway (Melfricka)

VHC Open Bitch

Sunday 14th October 2012 South Wales Kennel Association - Mrs Carol Macleod (Camusmor)

2nd Open Bitch

Have liked this bitch before. Unfortunately not showing her best today. Good front, well angulated, good depth of chest. Good overall outline.

Saturday 11th August 2012 Bournemouth - Mrs Ann Moss (Ewtor)

2nd Open Bitch

Good front, good depth, happy mover.

Saturday 26th May 2012 Bath - Mr Ray Strudwick (Burpham)

2nd Open Bitch

Longer backed with good angulation at front and rear, feminine head with almond shaped eye, clean neck, well sprung rib, moved with good drive from strong quarters.

Sunday 23rd January 2011 Manchester - Mrs Eileen Hughes (Sonnenberg)

2nd Open Bitch

A pleasing bitch with good construction, especially in body proportions. I preferred the head on the winner who also was the better mover.

Saturday 27th November 2010 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mr David Hutchison (Waverton)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Feminine balanced bitch, feminine head and expression, well laid shoulders, good topline, carried her tail well on the move.

Wednesday 13th October 2010 Gundog Society of Wales - Mrs Aidine Howes (Medogold)

Res Open Bitch

Saturday 7th August 2010 National Gundog Association - Mrs Ann Moss (Ewtor)

VHC Open Bitch

Tuesday 3rd August 2010 Paignton - Mr Colin Troth (Collinsmoore)

Res Open Bitch

Saturday 29th May 2010 Bath - Mrs Brenda Hutchison (Waverton)

Res Open Bitch

Sunday 23rd November 2008 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mr Malcolm Smith (Dallyvista)

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Larger in frame than winner having a pleasing head shape, good spring of rib and well developed hindquarters. Moved out quite well but a little soft on front pasterns.

Sunday 7th September 2008 Richmond - Mrs Jill Peak (Bayard)

2nd Limit Bitch

2 and a half years old bitch. Pleasing type. Good head and expression. Nice legs, good bone. Like better feet. Nice body and outline. Went well.

Wednesday 13th August 2008 United Retriever - Mrs Brenda Smith (Dallyvista)

Res Post Graduate Dog Or Bitch

Wednesday 6th August 2008 Paignton - Mr Peter Upton (Tragus)

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 5th July 2008 South Wales Kennel Association - Mrs Jinty Gill-Davies (Rosecourt)

Res Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 24th November 2007 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mr Graham Lambert (Cheseridge)

Res Novice Bitch

Thursday 8th March 2007 Crufts - Mrs Christine McDonald (Northey)

1st Special Junior Bitch

Nicely balanced, feminine bitch. Good shape outline and well constructed. Good front and feet. Sound and jaunty on the move.

Wednesday 18th October 2006 Gundog Society of Wales - Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

VHC Junior Dog Or Bitch

Wednesday 9th August 2006 United Retriever - Mr Malcolm Smith (Dallyvista)

Res Junior Dog Or Bitch

Saturday 5th August 2006 National Gundog Association - Mr Peter Upton (Tragus)

2nd Puppy Bitch

Friday 14th July 2006 Paignton - Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

1st Puppy Bitch