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Tivalake Cover Girl RL1

Saturday 14th December 2019 Ladies Kennel Association (CC) - Mrs Michaela Edridge (Tilita)

3rd Veteran Bitch

Friday 25th October 2019 Midland Counties - Ann Ingram

Best Of Breed

Best Bitch

1st Veteran Bitch

What a picture this bitch makes with her lovely coat and colour and her almond shaped eyes giving such a lovely expression. Classic head proportions with large well opened nostrils, strong neck running into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs and deep chest, compact body and strong hindquarters, moves really well with a nice easy stride and correct forward head carriage and lovely happy temperament. Best Bitch and BOB.

Sunday 16th December 2018 Ladies Kennel Association (CC) - Mr Mike Blay (Longbarrow)

3rd Open Bitch

Sunday 10th June 2018 Three Counties - Mr Anthony Allen (Allenie)

3rd Open Bitch

Sunday 3rd June 2018 Southern Counties Canine Association - Mr Richard Stafford (Farnfield)

3rd Open Bitch

Saturday 12th May 2018 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Ann Moss (Ewtor)

3rd Limit Bitch

Sunday 25th March 2018 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mr Mick Howes (Medogold)

2nd Limit Bitch

A pretty quality girl shown in lovely coat and condition. I liked her head and expression. Good neck into well laid shoulder, she has a good rib and plenty of depth. Her movement was positive and driving off well from hocks. Pleasing in outline.

Saturday 20th May 2017 Scottish Kennel Club (CC) - Mr Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat)

Res Limit Bitch

Saturday 29th April 2017 WELKS - Mrs Di Arrowsmith (Fleetapple)

3rd Open Bitch

Sunday 19th March 2017 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

2nd Limit Bitch

Powerfully constructed 4.5 year old with a great outline who had great rappour and so attentive to her handler owner from a feminine constructed and breed type head with kind dark eyes and neat dropped triangular ears. Stands presents a pretty outline and holds her head well on good length of moderate neck, another who is so well put together and compactly built with a good body well ribbed back and nice tuck to loin and presented in an excellent rich red straight well feathered jacket with a good undercoat, and nicely feathered highly carried waving tail. Correct angulation front and rear with muscle tone. I would have like more strength of bone to her straight forelegs. Moderate stifle good short hocks and tight feet surprise to see move with short side stride and although close was sound coming and going.

Saturday 11th March 2017 Crufts (CC) - Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

Reserve Bitch CC

1st Limit Bitch

Lively striking girl with a typical head, neck & flow over the topline & rear end, she carries a good front, compact body, she's good through her rearquarters & has an excellent tail carriage, she has the coat cover & was going with the right action on the move, she gave her all in the challenge to take the RCC today.

Sunday 14th August 2016 Bournemouth - Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)

Best Bitch

1st Limit Bitch

She is such a fidget when standing she almost looks impatient & ready for the off at any given time. But this is when she excels she moves so well, true in front & strong behind. Good overall balance holding her topline at all times. I preferred to see her free standing which was a pleasure to see. BB.

Saturday 21st May 2016 Scottish Kennel Club (CC) - Mr John Thirlwell (Ferndel)

1st Limit Bitch

Good type of bitch with pleasing head shape and nice dark eye. Balanced deep body with good quarters, needing to develop in coat. Moved soundly with drive.

Saturday 4th July 2015 Windsor (CC) - Miss Becky Johnson (Downstream)

Res Post Graduate Bitch

3rd Limit Bitch

Friday 15th May 2015 Scottish Kennel Club (CC) - Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Sunday 10th May 2015 Birmingham National (CC) - Mr Colin Troth (Collinsmoore)

Res Post Graduate Bitch

Sunday 22nd March 2015 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mr Moray Armstrong (Bitcon)

Res Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 22nd November 2014 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mrs Pam Blay (Stablaheim)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Same way bred as ON THE TOWN & the same quality, showy bitch of a different type & I would prefer a better hindquarter but on saying that, she has a feminine head & expression, good bone & feet, enough coat which was well presented & a good topline & well set & carried tail, moved well & looked a picture set up, put down in excellent condition.

Thursday 23rd October 2014 Midland Counties - Mr Richard Bott (Quensha)

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Most feminine of head which is well balanced & of good proportions, alert yet kind in expression, good front assembly, ribs sprung & well back, slightly longer through loin & did not hold her topline as well as first. Good bend of stifle & developed muscletone. Moved out well driving from the rear but could not match first in front extension today.

Sunday 17th August 2014 Welsh Kennel Club (CC) - Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Monday 11th August 2014 Bournemouth - Mr David Hutchison (Waverton)

Best Bitch

1st Limit Dog Or Bitch

Feminine young lady, good head & expression, excellent front & feet, in good coat, carried her tail well on the move, moved well. BB.

Saturday 2nd August 2014 Paignton - Mr Ray Strudwick (Burpham)

Best Bitch

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Lovely female of correct size very feminine head, so typical in expression, straight forelegs, level topline, good rear angulation, moved with excellent drive, has lovely overall balance & quality, considered for BOB. BB.

Friday 30th May 2014 Southern Counties Canine Association - Pekka Teini (Finland)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 24th May 2014 Bath - Mrs Jinty Gill-Davies (Rosecourt)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Feminine head, scoring in muzzle and brow. Neat ears. Good head carriage, neck and forehand angulation, legs and feet. Well made body, ribs and hindquarters. Would like a little more substance all through.

Sunday 23rd March 2014 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mr John Thirlwell (Ferndel)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Mature bitch with a feminine good shaped head, pleasing neck and shoulders in a balanced body with plenty of angulation. Shown and presentation first class. Moved soundly with drive.

Sunday 9th March 2014 Crufts (CC) - Mr Chris Bexon (Oldfield)

VHC Yearling Bitch

2nd Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

Slightly darker in colour than 1 and not quite the same substance. A very typy bitch with a very attractive pretty head, good ears, neck and topline, has a short back and moderately short loin, good second thigh, pleasing hind angulation, perpendicular hocks. A handy little mover.

Sunday 18th August 2013 Welsh Kennel Club (CC) - Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

2nd Puppy Bitch

Lovely baby with the shape, balance and a typical set up so far, she has the angles and front, with rear quarters and tail, she is good in front and rear action, has the head with more to come, nice to go over.

Sunday 11th August 2013 Bournemouth - Mr Colin Troth (Collinsmoore)

3rd Junior Bitch

Saturday 3rd August 2013 Paignton - Mrs Sarah Sevastopulo (Oldholbans)

1st Puppy Bitch

Pretty bitch with good ears and overall shape. Good angulation and sound mover. Coat coming, hope she fills out with age.

1st Junior Bitch

Friday 10th May 2013 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Valerie Foss (Elswood)

1st Minor Puppy Bitch

Just right for age with the construction and movement to win BPB.

1st Puppy Bitch

Friday 26th April 2013 WELKS - Mrs Kathy Gorman (Walgoreg)

Best Puppy

1st Puppy Bitch

Very nice puppy with lovely feminine & intelligent expression, nice eye shape, earset & open nose, excellent length of shoulder & return of upper arm, nice spring of rib for age, good tailset & sufficient bend of stifle, moved soundly & happily with good tail carriage, excellent quality & thickness of coat. BP.

Sunday 24th March 2013 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mrs Meriel Hathaway (Melfricka)

3rd Puppy Bitch

2nd Novice Bitch

Very sweet, feminine puppy. Excellent front and feet, rib developing well, but obviously at this age needing to deepen in rib. Confident, happy on the move.