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Foxdown Gillie

Thursday 8th March 2007 Crufts - Mrs Christine McDonald (Northey)

Res Veteran Bitch

Wednesday 18th October 2006 Gundog Society of Wales - Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

2nd Veteran Dog Or Bitch

Just a year younger than my winner but again in lovely clean and fit condition. Well presented coat of good colour. Solid marked but a sweet well balanced head. Good expression for age just preferred ear set and carriage of my winner. Really sound mover.

Wednesday 9th August 2006 United Retriever - Mr Malcolm Smith (Dallyvista)

3rd Veteran Dog Or Bitch

Friday 14th July 2006 Paignton - Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

VHC Open Bitch

Saturday 27th May 2006 Bath - Mrs Michaela Edridge (Tilita)

VHC Open Bitch

Sunday 12th March 2006 Crufts - Mr Mick Howes (Medogold)

1st Veteran Bitch

A very sound, balanced, pretty bitch with pleasing head, correct eye shape and colour. Shown in lovely coat and condition. She has a clean neck into well-laid shoulder. She has plenty of depth with overall substance. Movement was sound and steady covering ground well.

Friday 15th July 2005 Paignton - Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt)

3rd Open Bitch

Saturday 25th June 2005 Blackpool - Mr Andrew Brace (Tragband)

1st Veteran Dog Or Bitch

3rd Open Bitch

Saturday 12th March 2005 Crufts - Mr Chris Bexon (Oldfield)

2nd Veteran Bitch

Lighter colour, quite a nice skull shape, ear set could be better, muzzle lacks a little bit of quality, decent bone, but could be a tad straighter, has better width of chest than winner I thought though. Well presented in tip top condition.

Wednesday 11th August 2004 United Retriever - Mr Mick Howes (Medogold)

3rd Veteran Dog Or Bitch

Saturday 7th August 2004 National Gundog Association - Mrs Peggy Grayson (Westacres)

3rd Veteran Bitch

Friday 16th July 2004 Paignton - Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

Res Open Bitch

Saturday 26th June 2004 Blackpool - Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt)

1st Open Bitch

Pleasing head proportions, ears could be better, correct bone, excellent feet, well coated. Carrying a little too much weight over shoulder. Sound honest mover.

1st Veteran Bitch

Monday 14th June 2004 Three Counties - Mr John Thirlwell (Ferndel)

3rd Open Bitch

Friday 12th March 2004 Crufts - Mrs Barbara Hargreaves (Ghyllbeck)

2nd Veteran Bitch

In her 9th year and another of good type. Moving well in typical Toller fashion.

Wednesday 13th August 2003 United Retriever - Dr Ruth Barbour (Dunlan)

2nd Veteran Dog Or Bitch

Better topline than winner but straighter in shoulder and rather overweight.

Sunday 29th June 2003 Paignton - Mr Colin Mackay (Woodglade)

2nd Open Bitch

Saturday 21st June 2003 Blackpool - Mr Keith Nathan (Supernova)

1st Open Bitch

Wednesday 12th June 2002 Three Counties - Mr Chris Bexon (Oldfield)

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Six years of age, liked many typical points of this honest bitch, good over all construction, although very lethargic on the move, a little heavily coated though for me, which spoilt her outline.

2nd Limit Bitch

Six years of age, lighter in colour but slightly finer than winner, a square shaped bitch when standing, presented a little difficulty assessing her on the move, but eventually moved to an acceptable degree. Good head properties, pleasing bone and feet. Level topline. Could have a little more tail feathering to complete the picture.