Canine Hoopers is a new sport to UK - a sort of low impact agility crossed with rally.... handlers send their dogs through hoops, around barrels, through tunnels - no tight turns, no jumping... the aim is for teamwork, with bonuses for handling at a distance (sometimes handlers remain in one location for the whole round, or even sit on a chair!).

The sport is in its infancy in the UK, so far (mid 2019) there are three groups getting it off the ground.... Hooperholics, Pet Dog Hoopers, & Canine Hoopers UK. The last of these is growing rapidly with over 2300 people involved, a registry, and sanctioning events up and down the country! There is also a larger & wider reaching international Hoopers competitive world, with online competitions, as well as smaller scale dog training clubs and groups realising that it can offer some fun and relationship building to their dogs and handlers.

The Club supports the Toller Hoopers League

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