Competitive obedience is a minority sport in the UK, but fiercely competitive within the show world. Ultra precise control over several exercises such as heelwork, retrieve, stays, sendaways, and scent are required in the competition to demonstrate the dog being obedient to command in different scenarios.

Basic training for obedience will stand most dogs in good stead, as they and their handlers will learn exercises which have good practical everyday application like walking to heel on a loose lead.

There are many obedience training classes being run throughout the country, some through Kennel Club training clubs, some in private situations, and some on a one to one basis. To find a class in which you feel comfortable with ask at your local vet surgery and also contact the Kennel Club for information.

It is a good idea to go along and watch a class before taking your Toller to make sure you are comfortable with the methods used and that you like the trainer. This is an opportunity for you to decide if you think that you and your toller would fit in to the style of class (and this applies to all the different training disciplines!).

There are Tollers competing successfully in the obedience world in the lower and middle levels of competition, but to date there have not been any tollers made up into Obedience Champions.

Obedience League

We are pleased to announce that the NSDTR Club of UK will be running an Obedience League in conjunction with the UK Obedience Class Leagues on www.obedienceleagues.com.

A growing number of Toller owners are enjoying Competitive Obedience with their dogs and the Club welcomes the opportunity to recognise the success of its members in this sport.

Our League will operate as an additional free League alongside the Class Leagues, membership of the Class Leagues will allow members to track their progress through the year and compete against other breeds nationally and within their area. (Please note that if your Training Club is running a League you will have to chose which one you wish to join as you can only join one Club League.)

Any questions please contact the Working Secretary, Judith Trickett, on nsdtrworkingsec@gmail.com

Obedience achievements that the club is aware of