Searching, sniffing, 'Find it' or whatever you want to call it, Scentwork is a fantastic activity for both the owner and the dog. It involves the dog finding a specific scent, not a specific item. As long as the scent is safe for the dog, the owner can work the dog to find any scent they wish (popular scents include catnip, lavender, clove and even cheese).

Scentwork is an activity that can be started with young puppies and is perfect for dogs that are on a reduced exercise regime as it is all low impact and can be made easy or hard depending on your dog's capabilities. It's a brilliant way to increase the bond with your dog as it builds trust and allows the dog to engage in a completely natural activity that the owner can get involved in as well!

Scentwork can involve passive indications (your dog is taught not to touch the scented item; they may sit, lie down, bark etc.) or active indications, where once your dog finds the scented item they can access it and have a good play. Searches can be high, low, hidden within other items, inside, outside and can progress with your dogs abilities.