17 dogs registered

Ms A Fitzgerald

16/12/2018 EvViva La Vita Assassin's Arrow x Kymin Over The Rainbow
Fitznister Balachan Torrin Fitznister Believe In Me Fitznister Bilbo Waggins
Fitznister Blue Moon Fitznister Bonnibelle Fitznister Born To Shine
Fitznister Bow And Arrow Fitznister But Seriously

28/02/2017 Next Generation Perfect Mate Dancing With Fire (Imp Pol) x Kymin Over The Rainbow
Fitznister A Star Is Born Fitznister Against All Odds Fitznister Aigua Blava
Fitznister Alba Naecairn Fitznister Amber Eclipse Fitznister Amber Rose
Fitznister April Emerald Fitznister Aristo Scrat Fitznister Arria Macy