Imported Dogs

91 dogs registered

19/08/2023 Blue Diamond Of Red Glory x Flavour Of Chardonnay Suchy Las Vegas
Flavour Of Tokaj Aszu Suchy Las Vegas To Tivalake

13/05/2023 Fr Ch Night Watchman Of Clan Buchanan x Purple Passion Of Clan Buchanan
United Colours Of Clan Buchanan Partridgefen

01/11/2022 Es Ch Onza De Oro Boatswain Canis Amicus x Es Ch Canis Amicus Gama
Canis Amicus Gilda II To Dreambig

24/10/2022 Perfect Red Diamond Di Casa Toller x Slo Ch Once Upone A Time Di Casa Toller
Explosive Red Fox Di Casa Toller

12/10/2022 Belg Ch Springsteen Bruce x Soulsister Senja Of Great Pleasure
Very Much Kymin Of Great Pleasure

16/09/2022 Am Ch Cedar Fog's Wicked Magic x Can GCh Oryxes Duck A Fancy Pretence
Oryxes Allure Of The Trees At Ripplerush

01/08/2022 Am Ch Gold Star's Iron Will x Can Ch Readyfor Oryxes Foxtail Tule
Oryxes Kissing The Waves On Tivalake

22/12/2021 Am/Can GCh Tollerpride Gathering Storm x Can Ch CFyre's Song Of the Phoenix
CFyre's Prancing Across The Sky To Danehaven

16/12/2021 Can Ch Whitepoints Fly'N 2 Celticfyre x Turney's Sea Star At CFyre
CFyre's High Tea At Tollpepper

13/06/2021 Am Ch Gold Star's A Fist Full Of Dollars x Am Ch Gold Star Call Me The Breeze
Gold Star Struttin' Her Daisy Dukes

02/06/2021 Grich Angels Of Baranya x Lorevy Shining Star To Angels
Vanny Angles Of Baranya At Scalpsie

23/05/2021 Pol Ch Top Gun Blue Pilot Suchy Las Vegas x Oxsa Angels of Baranya
Ultra Sweet Angles Of Baranya At Scalpsie

07/11/2020 Emerald vom Augsburger Land x Fire Shadow Amber Queen
Annymels Story Glenmor

17/04/2020 Multi Ch Avengers Bolt Lovely Red Luck x Masha Angels of Baranya
Petar Pan Angels Of Baranya At Scalpsie

27/03/2020 Tollca's Golden Comet x Jolie Angels Of Baranya
Red Rose Angels Of Baranya

21/11/2019 Can Ch Whitepoints Fly'N 2 Celticfyre x Turney's Sea Star At CFyre
CFyre's Spellbreaker At Tollpepper

13/10/2019 Cz Ch Piktook's Five Island Caddy x Multi Ch Fire Shadow Gloria Dei
Fire Shadow Esaul

31/05/2019 Glendermacki Fox Cragg At Brizewood x Wildfowlers Never Ending Story
Cobbler's Dream Private Dancer For Cedarlake

23/11/2018 Multi Ch Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret x Lamborghini Jarama Di Casa Toller
Agatha Christie Di Casa Toller

04/09/2018 Multi Ch Littleriver's Prince Duckinson x Carol Fren Red Treasure
Alter Ego Rustyfox At Rivermaster

03/07/2018 Multi Ch Manitou's Time To Shine x Rus Ch Lorevy Zafira
Lorevy Italian Dandy At Danehaven

07/06/2018 Manitou's American Pie x Caltansis Silver Pleasure
River Wise Of Great Pleasure At Wakaduze

03/06/2018 Daintree's Tom Sawyer x Can Ch Pikkinokka Brkfst at Tiffany's
Daintree's Deep Space Rover

13/04/2018 Twister Angels Of Baranya x Cro Ch Lorevy Dream Angels Of Baranya
Manchego Angels Of Baranya

07/03/2018 Next Generation Perfect Mate Dancing With Fire (Imp Pol) x Multi Ch Fire Shadow Spring Melody
Fire Shadow Bastet

25/10/2017 Delayla Explosive Trotyl Dancing With Fire x Malinowa Panna Cotta Gang Rudej Wydry
Fast And Flying Cricket Gang Rudej Wydry

10/04/2017 Redborn Ultimate Tribute x Multi Ch Erikachen Roisin
Catch First Svea Garonera Catch First Ylva Garonera Of Arelechen

04/12/2016 Daintree's Dutch Canadian Puck x Claris Z Dejzyna Dvora
Dutch Edition Derry Fateful Red

12/10/2016 Dom Perignon Sexy Rexy x Lisa Angels Of Baranya
Into The Xmass Angels Of Baranya At Danehaven

09/06/2016 Can Ch Tollchester Take It And Go x Am GCh/Can Ch JavaHill's Winning Colors
Tollchester Javahill Mayflower Of Berebarley

23/05/2016 Dragonflame's Ride The Wild Wind x Shaggy Toller's Wild N'Lonely Lyra
Lorevy Shugar For Stellenbosch

20/05/2016 Multi Ch Delongstar Diamond Dream RL6-Ex x Dutch/Lux/Int Sh Ch Red's Mackenzie From Cashel Vale
Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale

15/12/2015 Can Ch Tollchester Starwars Pleasure x Lux/Sk Ch Imogen Of Great Pleasure
Ocean Blue Of Great Pleasure On Kymin

19/08/2015 Am GCh Danehaven McEachern x Multi Ch Erikachen Roisin
Be First Cardhu Garonera For Danehaven Bruichladdich Garonera Of Berebarley

11/03/2015 Kedgewick Of Great Pleasure x Lux Ch Koh-i-Noor Of Great Pleasure
Oak Island Lola Of Great Pleasure

19/02/2015 KD's TomBigBee River x NUCH SU(u)CH Lauvstuas Toya Thezor
Lauvstuas Theo Toybee River At Matalatu

17/02/2015 NL Ch Kasomor's Roy To Cashel Vale x Multi Ch Adoreas Red Caprice
Adoreas Red Janko At Danehaven

10/02/2015 Sh Ch Danehaven Detroit x Multi Ch Chrilikas Casablanca Wildb Nila
Chrilikas Eventyrlige Egon

07/12/2014 Am/Can Ch Katyra's Low Key Affair x Can Ch Katyra's Next Best Thing
Katyra These Foolish Things For Ruddyduck

08/09/2014 Can Ch Littleriver's Radko x Littleriver's Jazzmin
Littleriver's O'Canada To Eusanit

29/08/2014 Rhineferry's Little River Duck Nic x Multi Ch Springer Nova's Redborn Princess
Redborn Ultimate Danehaven

26/07/2014 Multi Ch Delongstar Diamond Dream RL6-Ex x Lux Ch Red Hot Chili From Cashel Vale
Mini Cooper From Cashel Vale

04/04/2014 Multi Ch Kalmegess' Canadian Ranger x Pl Ch Stonaway's Sky Trinity
Next Generation Perfect Mate Dancing With Fire

04/03/2014 Rainier's Vermilion Blitz x Alliance De La Vie First Choice
Alliance De La Vie Red Thistle In Icestorm

16/12/2013 Am/Can Ch Hawkeye Of Great Pleasure x Whispering Reed's Guess Who
Whispering Reed's Ma Cara Lucia

09/11/2013 Multi Ch Alliance De La Vie Thunderclap x Alliance De La Vie Rousillion
Alliance De La Vie Rabbit Racer Of Katimba

26/06/2013 Multi Ch Piero x Pikkinokka's Lunar Eclipse
Lamborghini Diablo Di Casa Toller

02/06/2013 Camusmor Whatadream ShCM x Can Ch Keepsake Lochnquay Just Don't Stop
Lochnquay Serentan Oh My Stars

15/12/2012 Balbo Angels Of Baranya (Imp Hrv) x Polly Angels Of Baranya
Viper Angels Of Baranya

22/11/2012 Ger Ch Dewberry's Dual Blessed Louis Paytan x Multi Ch Shady Maple Under The Red Sky
Thalassa Under the Red Sky At Ripplerush

01/11/2012 Int Sh Ch/Dutch Ch Alba Nuadh Alroy Na Mayla x Multi Ch Chrilikas Casablanca Wildb Nila
Chrilikas Duke Of Danehaven

01/10/2012 Can/Lux Ch Tollwest Tollchester Turn M'on x Wildfowlers Precious Pleasure
Wildfowler's Sixth Sence At Dreamyriver

30/09/2012 Hunter's Moonlight Canadian Renard x SE U(u)CH Arbetsviljans Fagelbarlov
Arbetsviljans Granit Of Ambertollers

29/10/2011 Leringen's Bonzo x Leringen's Darling Dezzibell
Bergriket's Amazing Lexie

09/08/2010 Digby Tollers Big Pine x Alliance De La Vie Rubra Canis
Alliance De La Vie Summer Dream To Eusanit

10/03/2010 Multi Ch Rhineferry's Namid Indian Dancer x Kazi Z Vlcich Luk
Lika Angels Of Baranya At Camusmor

27/12/2009 Multi Ch Bono Kralin V D Echtinger Grift x Mogis Ninou Franka V Telgter Spreng
Bonouk's Narnia V Telgter Spreng

27/10/2009 Multi Ch Working Beauty's Excellent Energy x Foxdown Alexy Of Jagermeister
Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat At Melanitta

17/05/2009 Toller's Delight 1st Class Diamond x Jenwill's Noble Mandy
Tigerstadens Fargo At Danehaven

16/02/2009 Can/Lux Ch Hedera's Captain Jack x Alliance De La Vie Amitie Mignon
Alliance De La Vie Mungo Rufus At Ladakhnova

16/10/2008 Am/Can Ch Pikkinokka's Ragin' Cajun x Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave
Jocar's Wild Tollchester At Dinaskarrek

07/10/2008 Tollwest Fly Free For Pleasure x Alliance De La Vie Red Maple Leaf
Alliance De La Vie Dreamland Expres With Acanuck

07/08/2008 Multi Ch Axaluca Of Great Pleasure x Edenflower Of Great Pleasure
Whispering Reed's Hutamya At Wakaduze

29/01/2008 Lux Ch Foxtrot Of Great Pleasure x Alliance De La Vie Banty's Gillican
Alliance De La Vie Gilly's Felan Of Loruste

21/01/2008 Can Ch Tollchester Seawild Cherrybomb (Imp Can) x Seawild's Empress My Angel
Seawild's I'm Fallowfen Hot To Trot

27/10/2007 Am Ch Firefly's Are Your Duxinarow x Multi Ch Hedera's Contessa May
Firethorn Under The Red Sky Of Tivalake

07/09/2007 Can/Lux Ch Hedera's Captain Jack x Alliance De La Vie Gamine's Memory
Alliance De La Vie So Fantastic With Tollyhimmel

09/08/2007 Am Ch Seastar's Sir Winston x Aurora Borealis Nordica Of Hillscourt
Hillscourt's Seastar Cuddlepie

12/01/2007 jCh CZ Littleriver's Gypsy King x Feli Sv Huberta
Balbo Angels Of Baranya

09/10/2006 Seawild's Napoleon Taikapoika x Solvingas Zelda Popnel
Seawild's Taste For Life

30/06/2006 NUCH SU(u)CH Canagold's Petrie x Tollerstemmen's Carmen

07/06/2006 Pol Ch Galileo Virgo Vestalis x Axa Sirius Pro
Ale Rudy Fallowfen Lis Retrover

06/05/2006 Sk Ch Andy Tosti x Kazi Z Vlcich Luk
Actra Angels Of Baranya At Dinaskarrek

30/03/2005 Am Ch Landew KD's Prince Of Tides x Brigita From Nova's Power
KD's Knightsbridge Dexter

28/03/2005 Can Ch Littleriver's Ultimate Choice x Shaggy Toller's Truly Canadian
Littleriver's Colonial Boy With Tollyhimmel

10/02/2005 Can Ch Tollwest's Playin' With Fire x Can Ch Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi
Tollchester Seawild Cherrybomb

25/08/2003 SE VCH SE U(U)CH Solvingas Chaplin Af Jim Beam x SE VCH SE U(U)CH Duck Tail's Wunja Av Sigil
Riverbreeze Sir Deja Vu Of Decoyman

25/08/2001 Can Ch Bernache's Autumn Fancy x Multi Ch Yessy Of Great Pleasure
Autumnleaf Of Great Pleasure

06/02/1999 Aust Ch Kirchoff Wandering Micky x Aust Ch Kirchoff High Flyer
Kirchoff Travelin Man At Krystalcove

30/03/1998 SE LCH Rodahunds And-Isak x Multi Ch Lauvstuas Karmenzita
Lauvstuas Is Cabella Til Rodahund

01/01/1998 Can Ch Bernache Harbourmaster At Kare x Can Ch Kares Magic Moment
Kare's Foxdown Bob

30/03/1993 Bright Flower's Champ x Ger/Can Ch Ardunacres Winnie Of The West
Decoymans Piper V D Echtinger Grift

04/08/1989 Harbourlights Laddie Buck x Jalna's Oneka The One N Only
Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour Of Lyonhouse

09/06/1989 Harbourlights Scotia Boy x Harbourlights Foxy Amber
Harbourlights Douglas Stuart Of Lyonhouse

21/08/1988 Can Ch Kishkahdinas Winegarden Ty x Colliers' Magnum Load Dory
Collier's Kishkadina Star

19/11/1987 Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel x Can Ch Truray's Southern Belle
Jem's Red Robber

19/11/1987 Can Ch Tayann Teddy Bear x Can Ch Westerlea's Glittering Jem
Jem's Hamish's Girl Of Lyonhouse

27/05/1986 Hilan Lad Of Harbourlights x Harbourlights Nova Nipper
Harbourlights Scotia Duke Of Lyonhouse