NUCH SE(u)UCH Tollergrenda's Eventyr Vilja

Sex:   Bitch
Date of birth:   21/10/2002

Health test results

Hip score: No score recorded
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Carrier
CEA/CH: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DE: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DM: Unknown (No result recorded)
JADD: Probable Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
CP1: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
CLPS: Unknown (No result recorded)
CDDY/IVDD: Unknown (No result recorded)
CDMC: Unknown (No result recorded)
CLAM: Unknown (No result recorded)
Registered progeny: 2

Flottatjarn's Hostklara Simongigolo

Multi Ch Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air

Harbourlights Laddie Buck

Jalna's Oneka The One N Only

Oldholbans Frances Mac Of Lyonhouse

Harbourlights Douglas Stuart Of Lyonhouse (Imp)

Lux/Nl Ch Lyonhouse Arbella Stuart

NUCH Sunlit Racing Thea

NUCH Sunlit Mac Jan

NUCH Westerlea's Canadian Rockies

NUCH Flyingtollers Sandy

NUCH Sunlit Dame Rosita Mc Tawish

Sproul's Robin MacTavish

NUCH Flyingtollers Princess Merry