Am GCh Honeyrun High Noon At Keepsake

Sex:   Dog
Date of birth:   06/11/2006

Health test results

Hip score: No score recorded
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Clear (Hereditary 2 generations)
CEA/CH: Clear (OptiGen)
DE: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DM: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
JADD: Probable Clear (OFA)
CP1: Clear (OFA)
CLPS: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
CDDY/IVDD: N/N or CDDY/N (No result recorded)
CDMC: Unknown (No result recorded)
CLAM: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
Registered progeny: 7

Am Ch Honeyrun Tak'n It To The Max

Am/Can Ch Littleriver's Decoy Dancer

Can Ch Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer

Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross

Littleriver's Mamma's Owe Debt

Can Ch Littleriver's Argus

Shaggy Toller's Littleriver Yenta

Can Ch Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi

Multi Ch Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure

Can Ch Littleriver's Argus

Can Ch Ruaview Jewel Of Beinnbhreagh

Can Ch Tollwest Soda Quacker

Can Ch Beinnbhreagh's Jalna's Finish

Can Ch Tosser's Makin Waves