Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta ShCM VW (Imp Swe)

(Imported from Sweden)

Sex:   Bitch
Date of birth:   27/10/2009
Stud book:  2577DC
Owner:  Mrs L A & Mr T Palfrey
Breeder:  Mrs D & Mr J M Sjoborg

Championship Show Results

(Including NSDTR Championship Shows)

General Open Show Results


1 CC, 2 RCCs

3 Best Bitch, 1 Reserve Best Bitch

7 Best Veteran in Breed


4 Group Placings, 2 Veteran Group Placings

24 Best of Breed

1 Best Bitch

17 Reserve Best of Breed

5 Best Opposite Sex

NSDTR Club Show Results

Open Show

1 Best Veteran

Health test results

Hip score: RH5/LH6=11
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Clear (Hereditary 1 generation)
CEA/CH: Clear (OptiGen)
DE: Carrier (OFA)
DM: Clear (Laboklin)
JADD: Probable Clear (OFA)
CP1: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
CLPS: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
CDDY/IVDD: N/N or CDDY/N (No result recorded)
CDMC: Unknown (No result recorded)
CLAM: Unknown (No result recorded)
KC/BVA eye test: GPRA Unaffected 14/11/2015
Registered progeny: 6

Multi Ch Working Beauty's Excellent Energy

Multi Ch Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure

Can Ch Littleriver's Argus

Can Ch Ruaview Jewel Of Beinnbhreagh

S VCH Working Beauty's Amorous Angel

SE LCH SE U(U)CH Hircum's Lorenzo

Aindow's Cassandra

Foxdown Alexy Of Jagermeister

Reedrunner Firewater

Multi Ch Lauvstuas Is Caac To Copper & Brass

Foxdown Alfina Of Reedrunner

Foxdown My Fair Lady

Lyonhouse Basil At Culmgillie

Foxdown Anya