Multi Ch Lauvstuas Karmenzita

Sex:   Bitch
Date of birth:   06/06/1995

Health test results

Hip score: No score recorded
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Carrier (OptiGen)
CEA/CH: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DE: Unknown (No result recorded)
DM: Unknown (No result recorded)
JADD: Unknown (No result recorded)
CDMC: Unknown (No result recorded)
Registered progeny: 7

NUCH Sunlit Kevin McTawish

Multi Ch Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air

Harbourlights Laddie Buck

Jalna's Oneka The One N Only

NUCH Sunlit Dame Rosita Mc Tawish

Sproul's Robin MacTavish

NUCH Flyingtollers Princess Merry

NUCH Anya Acadia Ayr

NUCH Flyingtollers Teddy

Jalna's Zealous Zephyr


Red-Tollers Beechey

NUCH/DKCH Flyingtollers Boomer

NUCH Flyingtollers Quarter Lily