NUCH SEU(U)CH Logrekroken's Belle Kimba

Sex:   Bitch
Date of birth:   17/02/2003

Health test results

Hip score: No score recorded
Elbow score: No score recorded
prcd-PRA: Clear
CEA/CH: Clear or Carrier (No result recorded)
DE: Unknown (No result recorded)
DM: Unknown (No result recorded)
Registered progeny: 1

Sunlit Nils Nicholay Zilver Kess

Jalna's Zamzam Zilver

Can Ch Pikkinokka's Tyler At The Well

Can Ch Jalna's Molly McGee

Bay Of Fundys Kessie To Sunlit

NUCH Sunlit Kevin McTawish

Bay Of Fundys Cessan

Jenwills Nadia Divisi

NUCH Jenwill's E Tello

NUCH Westerlea's Canadian Rockies

Teufelwalds Gayl

Kido's B B

NUCH Flyingtollers Teddy

Teufelwalds Beauty