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Can Ch Tollwest's Playin' With Fire

Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner Can Ch Sehi's Little Breton Can Ch Sproul's Happy Higgins Sproul's Apache Sundog Can Ch Sproul's Highland Reggie
Can Ch Sproul's Apache Princess
Sproul's Stacey Lee Can Ch Sproul's Mac-a-Doo
Can Ch Sproul's Celtic Kate
Harbourlights Highlan Belle Harbourlights Big Splash Boo-Evil Of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Foxy Tawny
Harbourlights Scotia Belle Harbourlights Scotia Boy
Harbourlights Red Kali
Can Ch Tollbreton Cape Island Dory Can Ch Sir Walter Riely Of Ardunacres Can Ch Larl-Be Charles Winston 2nd Can Ch Castlekeep's Magic Of Merlin
Ardunacres Gingembre
Ardunacres Kayla Can Ch Ardunacres Call Me Ugly
Castlekeep's Sunset Firedance
Tollbreton Piper Can Ch Marangai Simply Red Can Ch Harbourlights Joshua
Can Ch Gunner's Tolling Magan
Can Ch Ardunacres Cheekeye Can Ch Jalna's Quest For Glory
Ardunacres Gingembre
Pikkinokka Chilichili Bangbang Can Ch Pikkinokka's Tyler At The Well Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well Can Ch Sandycove At Westerlea Can Ch Westerlea's Coast To Coast
Can Ch Westerlea's Summer Sunset
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose Can Ch Westerlea's First Lieutenant
Can Ch Sundrummers Seawitch
Chin-Peek Mabell Can Ch Chin-Peek Kel's Happy Toby Can Ch Westerlea's White Ensign
Chin-Peek Kel's Kitty
Chin-Peek L'Tammy Can Ch Chin-Peek Kel's Happy Toby
Chin-Peek Kel's Kitty
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Tempest Can Ch Kylador's Designated Driver Can Ch Westerlea's Chance For Kylador Chin-Peek Kitt's Barney
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose
Can Ch Kylador's Aldebaran Destiny Can Ch Fancysrun Formula One
Can Ch Westerlea Kylador's Sea Gypsy
Woodstream's Sea Breeze Can Ch Dobirstein's Johnny Canuk Can Ch Chin-Peek Kel's Happy Toby
Can Ch Tollcanada Alison
Pikkinokka's Cajun Secret Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well
Chin-Peek Mabell

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