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Kymin Pleasure Zone

Multi Ch Axaluca Of Great Pleasure Multi Ch Picsou Des Delieuses F/B Ch Littleriver's Digby Can Ch Jem's Rusty Rogan Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel
Can Ch Jem's Double Trouble
Littleriver's Tippie Sport Of Littleriver
Toots Of Littleriver
Ice Lolly Des Delieuses Red-Tollers Dreaming Dandy NUCH Flyingtollers Teddy
NUCH Flyingtollers Quarter Lily
Ardunacres Europe Can Ch Larl-Be Charles Winston 2nd
Ardunacres Kayla
Multi Ch Xplosions Of Great Pleasure Nl Ch Simeon Van't Solveld Lux/Nl Ch Risingsun Of Great Pleasure Multi Ch Colliers' Ontario's Good Luck
Lux/Nl Ch Lyonhouse Arbella Stuart
Red-Tollers Assen Aurora NUCH Flyingtollers Teddy
Red-Tollers Bonavista
Multi Ch Star Of Great Pleasure Multi Ch Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well
Ardunacres Toll Free
Lux/Nl Ch Lyonhouse Arbella Stuart Harbourlights Regent Rusty
Harbourlights Nova Nipper
Ger/Lux Ch Kymin Lunar Frost (Re-Imp) Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour Of Lyonhouse (Imp) Harbourlights Laddie Buck Harbourlights Fundy Pal Alexander Of Schubendorf
Harbourlights Red Kali
Harbourlights Foxy Tawny Harbourlights Village Sire
Harbourlights Fundy Bell
Jalna's Oneka The One N Only Can Ch Jalna's Red Emperor Can Ch Crusader Of Jeffery Coldwell
Can Ch Contessa Of Jeffery Coldwell
Sproul's Jennifer Jalna Can Ch Sproul's Tantramar Toby
Can Ch Sproul's Lady MacGregor
Acadian Apache Tears For Kymin Harbourlights Douglas Stuart Of Lyonhouse (Imp) Harbourlights Scotia Boy Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim
Harbour Lights Foxy Nisku
Harbourlights Foxy Amber Harbourlights Mighty Mike
Harbourlights Foxy Tawny
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart Harbourlights Scotia Duke Of Lyonhouse (Imp) Hilan Lad Of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Nova Nipper
Jem's Hamish's Girl Of Lyonhouse (Imp) Can Ch Tayann Teddy Bear
Can Ch Westerlea's Glittering Jem

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