Crufts Qualified


This is a list of those dogs who have qualified for Crufts at UK Championship Shows in NSDTR classes during the qualifying period.

For lifetime qualifiers, see Stud Book Numbers and Overseas Champion Titles.

Also see Gundog Qualifiers for those dogs with a lifetime qualification for the Special Working Gundog classes.

Dogs may also qualify at some Overseas shows and at some Premier Open Shows.

Until the end of 2012, qualifying places could also be gained in AVNSC classes.

Dogs qualified 81
Bitches qualified 95
Total dogs qualified 177

Abacot Into The Unknown JW
Acadiabyrne The Baker's Son
Acadiabyrne Tibetan Coral
Afonbach Balerion JW
Afonbach Dreamfyre At Shorrocks JW
Afonbach First Sign O' Spring At Deltandamba JW
Afonbach Red Fire
Afonbach Syrax JW
Afonbach The Great Prince
Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW
Alter Ego Rustyfox At Rivermaster (Imp Cze)
Arelechen Tarry With Me Pray
Arthundur Dream Come True
Arthundur New Beginnings
Arthundur Over The Rainbow
Be First Cardhu Garonera For Danehaven (Imp Cze)
Breakerswell Clearwater
Camusmor Bringmesunshine To Menstonia
Camusmor Ca Canny With Acanuck
Camusmor Crown Royal
Camusmor Mak Siccar
Camusmor Shooting Star Over Ruddyduck RL4 Intro Ex
Canis Amicus Gilda II To Dreambig (Imp Esp)
Catch First Ylva Garonera Of Arelechen (Imp Cze)
CFyre's High Tea At Tollpepper JW (Imp Can)
CFyre's Prancing Across The Sky To Danehaven (Imp Can)
CFyre's Spellbreaker At Tollpepper (Imp Can)
Chamarel Winnipeg At Exetollers
Clegane Inferno To Breakerswell
Coedhelyg It's Cold Outside
Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way
Coedhelyg Jingle Bell Rock
Coedhelyg Red Acer
Coedhelyg Son Shine JW
Cretshengan Emerald Lake
Cretshengan Kitchi Lake (AI)
Cretshengan Lake Itasca (AI)
Cretshengan Signy
Cretshengan Sky Blu At Ferryfern
Sh Ch Cretshengan Torran Loch JW (AI)
Danehaven Deeks
Danehaven Detour
Danehaven Exploits
Danehaven Fenelon
Danehaven Haha
Danehaven Jemseg
Danehaven Macdonalds
Danehaven Madeleine
Danehaven Nouvel
Danehaven Roscoe
Danehaven Savalette
Sh Ch Danehaven Vermilion For Afonbach ShCM VW
Deveron Duchess Of Danehaven
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Elsfie's Figgy Pudding
Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW
Erikachen Fearadhach
Erikachen Laoise
Erikachen O'Ruadh For Deltandamba JW ShCM ShCEx VW
Erikachen Radha Dearg
Eusanit Bay Of Fundy
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Best Of The Bunch At Cretshengan
Eusanit Celtic Sea At Sinsircariad
Eusanit Cut And Run At Abacot
Sh Ch Eusanit Ever Fallen In Love
Eusanit Gem Stone At Abacot
Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Gonna Make You A Star
Eusanit Hit The Lights
Eusanit It'll Be Reet At Menstonia
Eusanit Lily The Pink
Sh Ch Eusanit Naughty But Nice For Croftwell JW
Eusanit Orchard Thieves
Eusanit Peaky Blinder
Eusanit Pride And Joy Via Riverwatcher JW
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Proper Job JW
Sh Ch Eusanit Silvr Dream Machine
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Stand And Deliver At Cretshengan
Eusanit Trick Or Treat
Eusanit Wild Atlantic Way
Exetollers What's This
Fieldranger's Kubla Khan For Delphstrider JW
Gingafing Aint No Way
Gingafing Careless Whisper
Gingafing Forget Me Not
Gingafing Go Your Own Way
Gingafing Let's Go Crazy
Gingafing Must Have Been Luv At Lastayla
Gold Star Struttin' Her Daisy Dukes (Imp USA)
Grandma's Secret Weapon Of Red Glory
Hwyaden Sunrise Ruby At Sawbridge
Katimba Fortana
Katimba Malvasia Of Valsannra
Katimba Panti Rippa
Katmistsky's Ann Again
Katmistsky's Soul Dream RL6-Ex
Kymin Neptune
Kymin New Trix At Briztollie
Kymin Upshi Kreek
Kymin Warae Teg Of Tollerways
Littleclose Father And Son To Breakerswell
Littleclose From Me To You At Breakerswell
Manitou Ruby Red For Too Smart
Melanitta Carelinus
Melanitta Milk And Honey Avec Tollerology RL2
Melanitta Palmata JW
Oryxes Allure Of The Trees At Ripplerush (Imp Can)
Oryxes Kissing The Waves On Tivalake (Imp Can)
IT/HU Ch Perfect Lighting Star Di Casa Toller
Raynechaser Luna Eclipse Beg Ex
Redfoxtor Blystra Bay
Redmanhey's Comte De La Fere
Multi Ch Riverwatcher Atka
Riverwatcher Kaviksuk
Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda
Riverwatcher Nukilik
Riverwatcher Paluktak
Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW
Rosettia Red Devil Of Valsannra
Rosettia Shining Light RL1-Ex
Sawbridge Lochbuie
Sh Ch Schindow Junior Cowboy With Cretshengan
Serentan Arvicola
Serentan Neomys For Ruddyduck
Serentan Pipistrellus Over Matalatu
Sinsircariad Old Fashioned
Spriterufus Tango In Kymin
Spriterufus Tarantella
Spriterufus Waltz
Stellenbosch Alameda Of Tarnlaikers (AI)
Stellenbosch Discors Avec Laulaco
Stellenbosch Krilencu
Stellenbosch Sausaulito (AI)
Stellenbosch Scutulata
Stellenbosch Specularis
Stellenbosch Tatiana
Tarnlaikers Dizzy Rascal
Tarnlaikers Perfect Pink JW
Tarnlaikers Pikachu
Tasarla Moon River
Think Wonderful Thoughts At Laulaco
Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty JW
Tivalake Cover Girl RL2
Tivalake Crystal Ball At Rosettia JW RL2 AW(B)
Tivalake Easy To Love At Sheldrake AW(B)
Tivalake Let's Misbehave JW
Sh Ch Tivalake More Than Wishes
Tivalake My Lucky Star
Tivalake Temptation HTM Nov-Ex RL1-Ex
Multi Ch Tollarbos Malliga Otto
Tollelkin Bay Of Ice
Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx
Sh Ch Tollelkin Caife Gaelach At Tollisty
Tollelkin Dream Cove At Sheldrake JW
Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW
Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW
Tollelkin Dream Spring At Jemmatee
Tollelkin Water Dancer
Tollerice Chase RL1-Ex
Tollerice Daneyko
Tollerice Eberle
Tollisty Blow Your Mind At Citanabel JW
Tollisty Couldn't Careless JW
Tollisty Ginger Chai
Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW
Tollisty Out To Get You JW
Tollisty Raudr
Tollisty Shincha
Tollisty You Can't Decline
Tollpepper Echo's Hope For Skysaria
Up In The Field Uchu Of Chicquera's Crown
Very Much Kymin Of Great Pleasure (Imp Bel)
Wakaduze Cherokee
Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska
Wakaduze Wapa
Weyfrome The Clock Winder
Weyfrome Under A Waterfall At Keakoa