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Neilsharbour Wrens Warren

Saturday 28th May 2011 Bath - Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Sunday 8th May 2011 Birmingham National - Mrs Carol Macleod (Camusmor)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 30th April 2011 WELKS - Mrs Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 21st November 2009 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mrs Aidine Howes (Medogold)

Res Graduate Bitch

Sunday 25th October 2009 Midland Counties - Monique Van Brempt (Belgium)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Correct bitch, a bit on the heavy side, very nice expression and eye colour, nice topline and proportions, good angulations, going well and true in the ring, nice coat and temperament.

Thursday 2nd July 2009 Windsor - Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Stylish bitch very typical of good size and balance, feminine well defined head good eye colour and use of ears. Correct body and depth with enough front and good hindquarters, good body substance and well muscled, moved soundly coming, slightly close behind, but with good gait and tail carriage. Well presented and coated.

Friday 8th May 2009 Birmingham National - Mrs Margaret Holmes (Emmaclan)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Well balanced, good head proportions, good straight front, goood angulations, bone right for size, well muscled hindquarters. Moved well with drive and reach.

Saturday 7th March 2009 Crufts - Mrs Michaela Edridge (Tilita)

1st Post Graduate Bitch

A lovely bitch so well made all over which showed up in her true movement. I liked her head, expression, outline and general demeanour. There was substance without heaviness and strength without coarseness. She won this class with a little to spare. Close to top winners.

Wednesday 15th October 2008 Gundog Society of Wales - Mr Moray Armstrong (Bitcon)

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 20th September 2008 Driffield - Mr David Shields (Wilholme)

3rd Yearling Bitch

Sunday 14th September 2008 Darlington - Mr Glen Vernon (Australia)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Monday 11th August 2008 Bournemouth - Mrs Linda Upton (Tragus)

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Another nice one. Good head and eyes. Good front, coat and body. Good stifles and moved well.

Friday 27th June 2008 Windsor - Mrs Carol Coode (Warringah)

1st Junior Bitch

Good size. Pretty headed lady. Excellent angles to the front and rear quarters. Ribs had good spring, depth and length. Loin was strong and topline sound. Tailset correct. She moved out well on good legs and feet. In good coat.

Saturday 24th May 2008 Bath - Mr Colin Mackay (Woodglade)

1st Junior Bitch

Loved the feminine head & expression, true fronted with good bone, ample lay of shoulder with enough width of chest, elbow level with brisket, enough spring of rib for age, developing in rear end, sound steady movement.

Friday 7th March 2008 Crufts - Mrs Pam Blay (Stablaheim)

3rd Special Puppy Bitch

Litter sister & one I really liked, she appealed for her type & balance it was such a shame that she was overawed by her surroundings & had been startled before coming into the ring. In good coat & condition & with lots of potential.

Saturday 19th January 2008 Manchester - Mr Frank Whyte (Kazval)

1st Puppy Bitch

Nice head and eye with good earset, good neck and body shape, good legs and feet, good ribs and good profile on the move. promising young lady.

Saturday 24th November 2007 NSDTR Club of UK Open Show - Mr Graham Lambert (Cheseridge)

Res Puppy Bitch

Friday 26th October 2007 Midland Counties - Dr Ruth Barbour (Dunlan)

1st Puppy Bitch

Typical head and expression. Moved much better than the other two in this class, one of which declined to move at all and the other whose hind movement was unsatisfactory.

Wednesday 17th October 2007 Gundog Society of Wales - Mr Chris Bexon (Oldfield)

Best Puppy

1st Junior Bitch

A feminine bitch with a good outline, size and body shape, developing along the right lines, lightish orange in colour, has a very pretty head, with good ear size and shape, moderate length of neck. Level topline, good front and feet, moderate bend of stifle. Moved very well, in the challenge for Best Puppy - out moving the dog puppy.

Sunday 16th September 2007 Darlington - Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii)

2nd Puppy Bitch

Very true and sound on the move. A little leggy at the moment which just spoils her outline. Brisket will deepen when mature.

Sunday 12th August 2007 Bournemouth - Mrs Elaine Whitehill (Brizewood/Trevargh)

VHC Junior Bitch

Sunday 22nd July 2007 Leeds - Mr Colin Troth (Collinsmoore)

Res Puppy Bitch