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Tiamaria Harvest Gold

Sunday 11th December 2022 Ladies Kennel Association (CC) - Mr Nick Burchell (Tivalake)

VHC Veteran Dog

Friday 27th August 2021 Driffield - Mrs Hilary Male (Malenbrook)

2nd Veteran Dog Or Bitch

Longer cast dog with pleasing head and expression, correct length of neck, good length of upper arm, well sprung ribs, needed to settle on the move.

Saturday 21st August 2021 Blackpool - Mrs Julie Darby (Incadar)

3rd Veteran Dog

Res YKC Handling 12-17 Dog Or Bitch (Judge: Sue Bird)

Sunday 1st August 2021 National Gundog Association (CC) - Mrs Rachel Bradley (Ruddyduck)

Res Veteran Dog

Saturday 10th July 2021 East of England - Mr Richard Bott (Quensha)

VHC Post Graduate Dog

Saturday 26th June 2021 Southern Counties Canine Association - Sigurd Wilberg

VHC Post Graduate Dog

Saturday 29th June 2019 Windsor (CC) - Mr Richard Morris (Lascoed)

Res Limit Dog

Sunday 12th May 2019 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Brenda Smith (Dallyvista)

3rd Post Graduate Dog

Saturday 12th May 2018 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Ann Moss (Ewtor)

VHC Post Graduate Dog

Sunday 29th April 2018 WELKS - Mrs Sally Parr (Kymin)

2nd Post Graduate Dog

Good head. Kind dark eye, ears a tad wayward when relaxed. Longer cast dog, lacking in substance and muscle today. Moved OK.

Sunday 25th March 2018 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mr Mick Howes (Medogold)

VHC Post Graduate Dog

Friday 7th July 2017 East of England - Mr Graham Lambert (Cheseridge)

2nd Post Graduate Dog

Slightly taller and not so balanced as the winner but nonetheless a nice dog that moved well.

Saturday 11th March 2017 Crufts (CC) - Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

VHC Post Graduate Dog

Sunday 24th July 2016 Leeds - Mrs Sally Parr (Kymin)

1st Post Graduate Dog

Dark pigmented 2 years. Neat outline, good head, used his ears when he concentrated, long coupled, not in his best jacket today. Good tail carriage. Drove from rear when moving, holding topline.

Sunday 10th July 2016 East of England - Mr Anthony Allen (Allenie)

1st Post Graduate Dog

Stood alone in the class, moved positively with a good action & drive. Head developing nicely with a good eye colour. Shoulders well placed & a good return of upper arm. Good legs but little soft in pasterns. Good through the ribs, well sprung, a shade long in loin. Quarters well developed with well bent stifles, well muscled.

Sunday 20th March 2016 NSDTR Club of UK Championship Show (CC) - Mrs Elaine Whitehill (Brizewood/Trevargh)

VHC Yearling Dog

Friday 23rd October 2015 Midland Counties - Mrs Sally Parr (Kymin)

2nd Junior Dog

Plainly marked 16 month. Good head & expression. Used his ears when asked. Good neck, bone not as strong as winner. Moved OK, tail carriage good.

Sunday 11th October 2015 South Wales Kennel Association - Mr Bill Bunce (Adurni)

3rd Junior Dog

Sunday 20th September 2015 Darlington - Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)

2nd Junior Dog

Saturday 25th July 2015 Leeds - Mrs Liz Rose-Hay (Cataluna)

Res Junior Dog