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Eusanit Bay Of Fundy

Sunday 21st January 2024 Manchester (CC) - Mr Patrick Fielder (Cretshengan)

VHC Limit Bitch

Sunday 10th December 2023 Ladies Kennel Association (CC) - Mrs Jill Peak (Bayard)

1st Limit Bitch

4 yrs old bitch good head proportions nice eye and expression, strong neck going into well laid shoulders, straight legs, good feet, body well ribbed, good quarters, moved soundly, shown in good coat.

Friday 27th October 2023 Midland Counties - Miss Caroline Hipkiss (Deltandamba)

2nd Open Bitch

First of two litters sisters of similar type, good overall balance though slightly shorter in leg than 1, pleasing head of correct wedge shaped and with almond shaped eyes with soft expression, straight well boned front, nice depth of chest and strength over loin, well-turned stifles, in good orange jacket, moved well from all angles and superbly handled by her young handler.

Friday 15th September 2023 Darlington (CC) - Mrs Sally Parr (Kymin)

Bitch CC

1st Limit Bitch

What a cracker! Lovely size, happy bitch enjoying her day. Pretty head, well marked, and good coat. correct reach of neck. Well boned with excellent front and rear. Balanced throughout and moved straight and true using her well set on and carried tail constantly. BCC

Sunday 3rd September 2023 City of Birmingham - Mr Richard Stafford (Farnfield)

Reserve Best Bitch

1st Limit Bitch

Such a beautiful feminine head and expression, well balanced with an excellent front assembly , nice spring of ribs, short loin, nicely bent stifles and well let down hocks, moved and presented well shown in good coat and very alert.

Sunday 20th August 2023 Welsh Kennel Club (CC) - Mr Julien Barney (Romaunt)

Res Limit Bitch

Sunday 6th August 2023 National Gundog Association (CC) - Mr Ray Strudwick (Burpham)

2nd Limit Bitch

Another quality female with good overall balance, pretty feminine expression, strong clean neck, straight forelegs, well angulated at front and rear, neat hocks, so sound and true on the move.

Saturday 5th August 2023 Paignton (CC) - Mr Richard Morris (Lascoed)

3rd Limit Bitch

Saturday 1st July 2023 Windsor (CC) - Mr Frank Kane (Hirontower)

Res AV Gundog Breeders Dog Or Bitch (Judge: Mr S C Bardwell)

Sunday 7th May 2023 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Penny Williams (Bournehouse)

VHC AV Gundog Breeders Dog Or Bitch (Judge: Mr Lee Coc)

Saturday 21st January 2023 Manchester (CC) - Mrs Pam Blay (Stablaheim)

1st Limit Bitch

What a day this owner had! The first 3 in this class were all out of the same brood bitch and the winner herself is proving to be an excellent brood bitch herself. They are certainly stamping a type which I obviously admire. Loved her head & expression, moved well on well boned legs & feet with the correct head carriage, enough coat which was well presented, correct length of neck & a good topline & well set & carried tail, excellent hindquarters, this quality bitch really covered the ground with ease & assurance holding a strong topline & correct head carriage.

Saturday 7th May 2022 Birmingham National (CC) - Mr Arne Foss (Norway)

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Friday 21st January 2022 Manchester (CC) - Mr Chris Atkinson (Segantii)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Sunday 3rd October 2021 Scottish Kennel Club (CC) - Mrs Jacqui Ward (Mianja)

1st Novice Bitch

Pleasing in outline this bitch is so sound and balanced throughout, lovely head with correct eye and ear set. Straight forelegs with good bone and round tight feet. Good body proportions and good angulation. She was shown in lovely coat and condition. On the move she was steady and true with a positive gait.

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Thursday 23rd September 2021 Birmingham National (CC) - Mrs Elaine Whitehill (Brizewood/Trevargh)

1st Yearling Bitch

Pleasing head, good length of neck and depth to chest. Just needs to develop in body. Nicely muscled. Moved Ok. Not as advanced as her kennel mate in JB.

Saturday 21st August 2021 Blackpool - Mrs Julie Darby (Incadar)

3rd Yearling Bitch

Wednesday 4th August 2021 United Retriever (CC) - Mr Keith Young (Pyngold)

VHC Graduate Bitch

Saturday 31st July 2021 Bath (CC) - Mr Jonathan Daltrey (Bananadance)

1st Yearling Bitch

I really liked the breed type and the freedom of movement of this juvenile. She has a good head, is totally balanced and a sound and happy mover, which won her the class over her kennel mate.

Res Novice Bitch

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 24th July 2021 Leeds (CC) - Mrs Ann Moss (Ewtor)

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Saturday 10th July 2021 East of England - Mr Richard Bott (Quensha)

Res Yearling Bitch

VHC Post Graduate Bitch