Junior Warrants

This is an award for dogs that are between 6 and 18 months old with the required points being gained within that time frame. The dog needs to gain 25 points in total.

Points are gained from breed shows with the following minimum requirements

The Junior Warrant should be applied for by the registered owner at the time of the Qualification within 6 months of the qualification. Once a dog has been awarded a Junior Warrant the Kennel Club will issue that dog with a Kennel Club Stud Book Number. The title 'JW' can be used after the name of the dog once it is awarded.

Click here for more information on how to qualify.

Afonbach Dreamfyre At Shorrocks JW12/11/2023
Afonbach Balerion JW12/11/2023
Coedhelyg Son Shine JW24/06/2023
Afonbach Syrax JW26/05/2023
Eusanit Pride And Joy Via Riverwatcher JW07/05/2023
Tollisty Couldn't Careless JW18/02/2023
CFyre's High Tea At Tollpepper JW (Imp Can)15/02/2023
Tollisty Out To Get You JW29/01/2023
Tollisty Blow Your Mind At Citanabel JW11/12/2022
Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW25/09/2022
Abacot Into The Unknown JW27/08/2022
Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW17/07/2022
Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW02/05/2022
Tollelkin Dream Cove At Sheldrake JW05/02/2022
Afonbach First Sign O' Spring At Deltandamba JW09/01/2022
Sh Ch Cretshengan Torran Loch JW (AI)18/12/2021
Fieldranger's Kubla Khan For Delphstrider JW06/03/2020
Eusanit Hot Totty JW20/01/2020
Melanitta Sinamay JW27/10/2019
Tarnlaikers Perfect Pink JW22/09/2019
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Proper Job JW04/08/2019
Melanitta Palmata JW27/07/2019
Tivalake Crystal Ball At Rosettia JW RL2 AW(B)03/03/2019
Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty JW03/02/2019
Afonbach Dance With Dragons JW03/02/2019
Tivalake You're The Top JW16/09/2018
Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW22/08/2018
Tivalake Let's Misbehave JW08/08/2018
Multi Ch Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale JW SGWC RL3 (Imp Nld)04/10/2017
Tivalake Make 'Em Laugh JW RL3-Ex11/02/2017
Sh Ch Eusanit Naughty But Nice For Croftwell JW01/07/2016
Erikachen O'Ruadh For Deltandamba JW ShCM ShCEx VW20/03/2016
Sh Ch Erikachen Daithi Of Wrightpaw JW ShCM20/03/2016
Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW13/09/2015
Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW02/08/2015
Multi Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye JW18/05/2014
Sh Ch Camusmor Stargazer JW09/03/2014