Stud Book Numbers

The majority of dogs who get a stud book number qualify through Showing and this is basically how you qualify:

For all Stud Book Bands, you qualify for a Stud Book Number if you win a Challenge Certificate or a Reserve Challenge Certificate
Each breed is assigned to one of 5 Stud Book Bands, Tollers are currently in Band D (effective January 2022), which means the following places also qualify for a Stud Book Number at Championship Shows where Challenge Certificates are offered for the breed

Hold a Junior Warrant (more of that on the Junior Warrant page)

There are other ways to gain a stud book number:

In Field Trials : Winning first, second, third or fourth awards, Diplomas of Merit or Certificates of Merit at Field Trials held under Kennel Club Field Trial Regulations
In Working Trials : Winning Qualifying Certificates in TD or PD stakes at Championship Working Trials held under Kennel Club Working Trial Regulations
In Obedience : Winning first, second or third prize in Championship Class 'C' in Championship Obedience Classes held under Kennel Club Obedience Regulations
In Agility : Winning first, second or third prize in Championship Agility Classes held under Kennel Club Agility Regulations

Gaining a Stud Book Number qualifies a dog for Crufts for life
You should remember that these qualifications are subject to change and are published in the Kennel Club year book in section K where more information can be found about the specific detail

Multi Ch Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret TBC
Cretshengan Sky Blu At Ferryfern TBC
Tollelkin Dream Spring At Jemmatee TBC
Tollisty You Can't Decline TBC
Gold Star Struttin' Her Daisy Dukes (Imp USA)TBC
Int/NL/Be Ch Happier From The Green Resort TBC
Int/Multi Ch Be Love Able Rustyfox TBC
Stellenbosch Alameda Of Tarnlaikers (AI)0572DK
Eusanit Peaky Blinder 4335DJ
Afonbach Dreamfyre At Shorrocks JW4329DJ
Afonbach Balerion JW4119DJ
Eusanit Wild Atlantic Way 2539DJ
Tivalake Temptation HTM Nov-Ex RL1-Ex2424DJ
Tivalake Easy To Love At Sheldrake AW(B)2334DJ
Coedhelyg Jingle Bell Rock 1531DJ
Afonbach Syrax JW1409DJ
Coedhelyg Son Shine JW1322DJ
Eusanit Pride And Joy Via Riverwatcher JW1206DJ
Stellenbosch Tatiana 0672DJ
Tollisty Couldn't Careless JW0604DJ
Multi Ch Tollarbos Malliga Otto 0547DJ
Eusanit Bay Of Fundy 0223DJ
Tollisty Out To Get You JW0124DJ
Tollisty Blow Your Mind At Citanabel JW5041DI
Rosettia Shining Light RL1-Ex4983DI
Stellenbosch Krilencu 4929DI
Abacot Into The Unknown JW4164DI
Alter Ego Rustyfox At Rivermaster (Imp Cze)3708DI
Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW3682DI
Tollpepper Echo's Hope For Skysaria 3333DI
Ripplerush Averbode 3327DI
CFyre's High Tea At Tollpepper JW (Imp Can)3307DI
Kymin Upshi Kreek 3222DI
Wakaduze Zigi 3074DI
Wakaduze Wapa 3072DI
Lorevy Shugar For Stellenbosch (Imp Rus)3070DI
Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW2699DI
Cretshengan Signy 2394DI
Riverwatcher Paluktak 2346DI
Somerzest Funtastic Flyer 2280DI
Clegane Inferno To Breakerswell 1327DI
Sh Ch Cretshengan Torran Loch JW (AI)0649DI
Sh Ch Eusanit Gem Stone At Abacot 0643DI
Cz Ch Anna Rossie Olaf Ze Stahlavskeho Sadu 0484DI
Am GCh Foxvale's Fire Fly 0359DI
Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda 0321DI
Eusanit Celtic Sea At Sinsircariad 0155DI
Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW4033DH
Afonbach First Sign O' Spring At Deltandamba JW4019DH
Eusanit It'll Be Reet At Menstonia 3021DH
Erikachen Aoibhinn Avec Tollerology AW(G)3019DH
Raynechaser Luna Eclipse Beg Ex2638DH
Acanuck Sweet Sensation 2345DH
Camusmor Amoris 2340DH
Be First Cardhu Garonera For Danehaven (Imp Cze)2198DH
Croftwell Tickety Boo 2140DH
Camusmor Crown Royal 2135DH
River Wise Of Great Pleasure At Wakaduze (Imp Bel)1453DH
Sh Ch Tollelkin Caife Gaelach At Tollisty 1173DH
Wakaduze Skoo 1115DH
Tollelkin Dream Cove At Sheldrake JW1059DH
Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx0953DH
Catch First Ylva Garonera Of Arelechen (Imp Cze)0934DH
Sh Ch Eusanit Ever Fallen In Love 0919DH
Cretshengan Emerald Lake 0490DG
Am/It Ch Javahill's Redhot Sensation 0489DG
Eusanit Hot Totty JW0283DG
Fieldranger's Kubla Khan For Delphstrider JW0262DG
Danehaven Kovik 0181DG
Melanitta Sinamay JW3819DF
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Proper Job JW3407DF
Tarnlaikers Perfect Pink JW3038DF
Afonbach Song Of Ice And Fire 2918DF
Kymin Va Va Voom Avec Whenova 2422DF
Kymin Up Hill 2410DF
Sh Ch Schindow Junior Cowboy With Cretshengan 2340DF
Melanitta Palmata JW2260DF
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Stand And Deliver At Cretshengan 1343DF
Wakaduze Wakaska 1141DF
Camusmor Bringmesunshine To Menstonia 1140DF
Danehaven Jemseg 0550DF
Tollyhimmel Drunkun Duck 0470DF
Alba Nuadh Soave Di Stevie 0469DF
Kitimat Big Leaf Maple 0468DF
Tollchesters Canadian Ogopogo 0467DF
Tivalake Crystal Ball At Rosettia JW RL2 AW(B)0215DF
Afonbach Dance With Dragons JW0058DF
Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Gonna Make You A Star 3956DE
Sh Ch Eusanit Silvr Dream Machine 3634DE
Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW2539DE
Tollelkin Water Dancer 2411DE
Eusanit Cut And Run At Abacot VW AW(B)2410DE
Melanitta Milk And Honey Avec Tollerology RL22395DE
Melanitta Galatina 2394DE
Stellenbosch Sausaulito (AI)2393DE
Tivalake You're The Top JW2361DE
Erikachen Saoirse Dearg 1894DE
Erikachen Conlaoch Dearg 1893DE
Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty JW1118DE
Tivalake Let's Misbehave JW1117DE
Wakaduze Wi Mimbe At Raynechaser P-Beg Ex0482DE
Danehaven Tunulic 0481DE
Born To Run For Valsannra 0362DE
Multi Ch Duckinson Jaguar 0361DE
Multi Ch Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale JW SGWC RL3 (Imp Nld)2741DC
Danehaven Fenelon 2578DC
Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta ShCM VW (Imp Swe)2577DC
Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska 2375DC
Seahaven Red Andromeda 2374DC
Camusmor Lika Star 1949DC
Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Best Of The Bunch At Cretshengan 1371DC
Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat At Melanitta VW (Imp Swe)1370DC
Danehaven Detroyes 1126DC
Melanitta Carelinus 1125DC
Katmistsky's Soul Dream RL6-Ex1124DC
Sh Ch Tivalake More Than Wishes 0509DC
Redaurora Comet's Christmas Of Deltandamba 0508DC
Riverwatcher Kaviksuk 0507DC
Javahill Redhot Showoff2 Del Vecchio Mulino 0393DC
Tivalake Make 'Em Laugh JW RL3-Ex0144DC
Sh Ch Danehaven Vermilion For Afonbach ShCM VW2643DB
Thalassa Under the Red Sky At Ripplerush (Imp Nld)2642DB
Riverwatcher Ikkuma 2419DB
Tollerice Aivazoff Nov Ex RL3-Ex1878DB
Riverwatcher Nukilik 1877DB
Sh Ch Eusanit Naughty But Nice For Croftwell JW1280DB
Tivalake Cover Girl RL21279DB
Sh Ch/Am GCh Kymin Ipso Facto (Re-Imp)1099DB
Chrilikas Duke Of Danehaven (Imp Nor)1098DB
Seahaven Bewitched By Cedarlake AW(B)0532DB
Corlitgold Malila Of Croftwell RL2-Ex0531DB
Erikachen O'Ruadh For Deltandamba JW ShCM ShCEx VW0502DB
Multi Ch Desire Of Red Glory 0417DB
Alliance De La Vie Fox Finder 0416DB
Multi Ch Red Passion 0415DB
It/Lux Ch Steve McQueen Di Casa Toller 0414DB
Tollyhimmel Fabulous Fudge 4524DA
Shoredancer Sea Pink Via Riverwatcher 2946DA
Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW2703DA
Seahaven Parish Bell 2497DA
Acanuck Soul Rebel Of Croftwell 2495DA
Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW2260DA
Sh Ch Alliance De La Vie Rabbit Racer Of Katimba (Imp Nld)1995DA
Decoymans The Dreamworker SGWC1994DA
Sh Ch Erikachen Daithi Of Wrightpaw JW ShCM1282DA
Kymin Orange Blossom Of Rhee 1103DA
Ir Sh Ch Alliance De La Vie Summer Dream To Eusanit (Imp Nld)1102DA
Glendermacki Fox Cragg At Brizewood 1101DA
Ir Sh Ch Wildfowler's Sixth Sence At Dreamyriver (Imp Nld)0377DA
Erikachen Flann 0376DA
Am/Can GCh JavaHill Surf2 An 8 Second Ride 0375DA
Am/Can GCh Tollerpride Gathering Storm 0374DA
Danehaven Kipawa 2731CZ
Seahaven's Galactic Storm At Wulalowe 2528CZ
Ch Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock ShCM RL2 SGWC2527CZ
Fallowfen Faithful Yoko Of Jemmatee 2031CZ
Wakaduze Hapon 2030CZ
Tivalake White Christmas 2029CZ
Erikachen Ruari For Aftonmarsh 2028CZ
Multi Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye JW1331CZ
Danehaven Red Rock 1321CZ
Multi Ch Riverwatcher Atka VW1320CZ
Corlitgold Tahlia Of Croftwell RL2-Ex1159CZ
Sh Ch Camusmor Stargazer JW0226CZ
Sh Ch Decoymans Piper Maple Of Croftwell 2831CY
Kymin Neptune 1987CY
Camusmor Whatadream ShCM1986CY
Decoymans Piper Dreamtime In Icestorm RL21985CY
Sh Ch Riverwatcher Yakone At Cedarlake AW(G) RL21335CY
Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Skys Rocket 1334CY
Riverwatcher K'eyush With Menstonia 1333CY
Can/Ir Sh Ch Littleriver's Colonial Boy With Tollyhimmel (Imp Can)1332CY
Danehaven Effingham Off Kymin 1126CY
Corlitgold Tula For Kumamatata 1125CY
Camusmor Glen Scotia At Dallyvista 1124CY
Danehaven Pelly On Kymin 0824CY
Multi Ch Bonouk's Narnia V Telgter Spreng (Imp Bel)0823CY
Am GCh Danehaven McEachern 0822CY
Kymin Message In A Bottle 0555CY
Sh Ch Erikachen Aoife Dearg 0554CY
Sh Ch Danehaven Detroit 0553CY
Sh Ch Trevargh The Entertainer At Brizewood 0552CY
Ag Ch Shoredancer Sea Jade 1226CU
Winfren Vulpecula Kayla 1646CS
Decoymans Piper Of Gunton CDex UDex WDex TDex2657CI